Standing Calf Raise Machine


The Standing Calf Raise Machine develops size and strength in the lower leg. This move also increases strength and range of motion in the ankle. Standing Calf Raise machine by National Fitness Company has a Heavy-duty construction & perfect alignment. Reduce joint compression. Fast and easy mobility. The Standing Calf raise is a resistance weight training exercise that targets the calf muscle in the legs. It should not be considered as a total leg workout, such as the squat or dead lift.  Designed as per the international standards of power lifting.
The following picture shows the targeted muscles with Standing Calf Raise Machine.

Standing Calves Raise Machine
                  Standing Calf Raise Machine

1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart in the Standing Calf Raise Machine. Adjust the shoulder pads so that they rest on your shoulders when you’re standing up straight. Keep your back straight, knees slightly bent and shoulders back.
2. Push the weight up by forcing your heels up through the knees.
3. Hold for 3 seconds, contracting the calves.
4. Slowly lower the weight until you feel a stretch in the calves, then repeat.

Standing calf raises are executed with one or both feet. They are frequently done on a raised surface with the heel lower than the toes to allow a greater stretch on the working muscles. The exercise is performed by raising the heel as far as possible. Weights or other methods of providing resistance are commonly used, but the exercise is also effective with body weight alone. Balance may become a difficulty with free-standing calf raises, especially with one-legged variations. Due to this, it is common to hang on to something or lean the hand against a wall for stability. Uniquely designed foot platform reduces foot shifting while performing exercise. Shoulder pads pivot offers one-to-one lifting ratio of the weight stack allows full utilization of weight stack.

The National Fitness Company’s Standing Calf Machine provides frame fully welded for the maximum in rigidity, strength and durability. Heavy-duty construction.  Rubber-coated handles angled for wrist comfort.
A unique pivot points allows the user flexibility in defining the movement path.
Designed as per the international standards of power lifting.
Beginners will never find a hard time in developing equal muscle gain.