Seated Leg Press Machine


Seated Leg Press Machine


Seated Leg Press Machine by National Fitness Company has a Heavy-duty construction & perfect alignment.
Reduced joint compression. Fast and easy mobility. The Seated Leg Press is a resistance weight training exercise that targets the quadriceps muscle in the legs. The exercise consists of bending the leg at the knee and extending the legs, then lowering them back to the original position. Seat is adjustable for the reach. Back rest is adjustable for leaning angle as per convenience. Designed as per the international standards of power lifting.

Squats and seated leg press exercises both go a long way toward strengthening and toning the quadriceps. Though both are different in execution and where they can be performed, both squats and seated leg presses are multiple-joint exercises that engage muscles at the hip, knee and ankle joints. Both exercises are effective for developing strength, size and definition in the quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteal muscles. The following picture shows the targeted muscles with Seated Leg Press Machine.

Seated Leg Press
Seated Leg Press Machine Target Muscle Group

Large seat and footplate is provided for better range and stability. Advance design reduces spinal compression while allowing full room in biomechanical movement.

In a seated leg press, only your lower body is engaged, and your back has more protection from injury. Start in a seated position with your feet on a platform. Release the levers attached to the weight plates, allowing the weight to come down, then slowly extend your legs without locking your knee at the top of the movement. Keep your back flat and abs engaged, then pause and slowly bend your legs at the knees to return to start. If you’re a beginner in strength-training, leg presses might be the way to go. They offer assistance in proper form and allow you to train your leg muscles without as much risk of injury.

The National Fitness Company’s Seated Leg Press Machine provides frame fully welded for the maximum in rigidity, strength and durability. Heavy-duty construction. Adjustable knee support.

Large seat and footplate is provided for better range and lower body stabilization.
Rubber-coated handles angled for wrist comfort. Adjustable seat is provided for effective and comfortable workout. The seat is angled to isolate quadriceps. Pivot points placed precisely at knee level for bio-mechanical movement. Adjustable foot rollers adapt to all leg lengths.

Designed as per the international standards of power lifting.
Beginners will never find a hard time in developing equal muscle gain.