Leg Press Machine


Leg Press Machine by National Fitness Company has a Heavy-duty construction & perfect alignment.
Reduce joint compression. Fast and easy mobility. The Leg Press Machine provides a resistance weight training exercise that targets the hip, calf and hamstring muscles in the legs. The following picture shows the targeted muscles with Leg Press Machine.

Leg Press Machine
Leg Press Machine Target Muscle Group

Leg press workouts are considered as one of the most important workout which every gym lovers and body-builders don’t miss. The leg press workout is a weight training exercise in which the individual generally pushes a weight or resistance away from them using their legs. The term leg presses also refers to the apparatus used to practice this exercise. The leg press can be used to evaluate an athlete’s overall lower body strength (from knee joint to hip). So in this article we are not only going to share the important benefits of leg press workout but also provide the tips to do leg press properly.

Benefits of Leg Press Workout:

  1. Effective in building up the muscular legs.
  2. Efective in increasing your squat.
  3. Take a load of your back.

Body Position:

  1. Firstly settle down on the machine with your back and put the head against the padded support.
  2. Then keep your feet on the foot plate about the hip width apart, make sure the heels must be flat. At the knee the legs should make an angle of about 90 degree with a little variation either way as long as the heels sit flat on the plate. With the feet the knees should be in a line and neither is bowed inward nor outward.
  3. Your bottom must not be raised from the seat platform. If the legs are at too sharp an angle, then you require adjusting the seat back until the right position is enabled. You can see this bad position when the knees seem to be in front of your eyes and you feel cramped.
  4. Hold the assist handles.

The National Fitness Company’s Leg Press Machine provides frame fully welded for the maximum in rigidity, strength and durability. Heavy-duty construction.  Isolateral motion allows for equal strength development and allows variety for muscle simulation. Designed as per the international standards of power lifting.
Beginners will never find a hard time in developing equal muscle gain.