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Welcome to National Fitness, we are a leading Gym Machines Manufacturer and fitness equipment manufacturer of central India. Please feel free to look around for the products and complete gym setup. At National Fitness Company, we manufacture gym equipments and gym machines. We have been manufacturing gym and fitness equipments for last several decades. We have provided gym machines to several famous gyms across the country. We use highest quality material and powder coating technology for long life of our gym and fitness equipments. We also supply gym machines and accessories to hotels, resorts, private clubs and government as well as private organisations. We are leading national level gym machines manufacturer and supplier and to suit all budgets and sizes.

Back Workout Machines

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Legs Workout Machines

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Biceps – Triceps Workout Machines

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Multiple Muscle Workout Machines

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Shoulder Workout Machines

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We are ideally located in central India, which means we can send our gym equipments to any corner of the country at a short notice. Gym Equipments and Fitness products is our speciality. We build world class gym machines and equipments at affordable prices. Why pay more to import foreign built gym from manufacturer based so far away when you can directly talk to us and visit our factory in Central India. We provide turnkey solution for your new gym, which will include all types of fitness machines.